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Below you'll find access to data created by UC San Diego researchers, and, further down, data that were created elsewhere, including sets that were curated by UC San Diego personnel, emerge from cross-institutional collaborations, or are of special interest to UC San Diego researchers.

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Datasets produced at UC San Diego:

UC San Diego Digital Collections logo on orange ground

UC San Diego Library Research Data Collections preserves datasets by UCSD researchers and beyond


The WIFIRE project API provides access to local weather and fire data

CAIDA logo

CAIDA collects and curates data on Internet traffic, topology, routing, performance, & security-related events

External datasets via the Library:

Geisel library at night

UC San Diego Library-compiled guide to data repositories and datasets from sources around the world

Geisel entrance

The X drive - UC San Diego Library-compiled guide to geographically organized geospatial data holdings

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External datasets via SDSC:

EarthCube logo

EarthCube peer-reviewed Jupyter Notebooks

EarthCube GeoCODES logo

EarthCube GeoCODES geoscience data portals

WestBigDataHub logo

West Big Data Innovation Hub

Machine learning datasets:

Example of small images of campus buildings in training dataset

UC San Diego Computer Vision offers training datasets of campus images

UCI Machine Learning Logo

UC Irvine Machine Learning Repository provides hundreds of datasets for use in training and machine learning

OpenML logo

The Open Machine Learning project builds open source tools to discover and use open data to develop models and analyze results.

External data aggregators:

Open Knowledge Foundation Logo

Dataportals: open data around the world

re3data logo

re3data: Registry of Research Data Repositories

U.S. Data logo

U.S. Government Open Data

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